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Line Verifiers / Lobby Alert Panel
Meets A17.1b 2009 codes and higher (section 2.27)
Model Lv-34

Model LM-34 : $194.00

In accordance to ASME A17.1, the Line Verifieris labeled “ELEVATOR COMMUNICATION FAILURE” in 1⁄4” high red letters, and will sound an audible signal every 30 seconds and flash a red light when a telephone line fault is detected. Authorized personnel can silence the audible signal with the included key switch. The LED will remain flashing until the fault is corrected.

Included Features:

  • Buzzer, LED Light, & Key Switch
  • 4 levels of volume for buzzer
  • Universal / Non-Proprietary
  • Meets A17.1 2009 and above codes
  • Power supply included
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 1 year warranty
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Immediately detects a bad phone line
  • Mounts in standard double gang box
  • Can be surface mounted or flush
  • The easiest Line Verifier to install
When used with our Elevator Connect 1000; meeting the new A17.1b 2009 code is a breeze.