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L-1 Series Phones
Commercial ADA Elevator Phones
L-1 Series Phones
  • Easy Voice Assisted Programming
  • Directly replace Janus/ EMS, Rath, Viking, Kings III
  • 2 LED indicator lights (Call under way, and call connected)
  • Works with Wired,VOIO, and WirelessPhone Lines
  • Only 2 Wires from phone line to phone No 110 Vac needed
  • Add on an additional “Top of Car” or “Bottom of Car Phone” for Elevator Technicians Part # L1-VAS
  • Line Powered, No Batteries
  • Works with LM-34 Line Verifier
  • Meets A17.1 2010 & 2013
  • Call up to Emergency 5 Phone Numbers
  • No 110 Vac needed
  • Easily Add a Machine Room Phone Part # L1-MR
3 Standard Mounts
Commercial ADA Elevator Phones
Surface Mount Phone
Part # L1-SM
Flush Mount Phone
Part # L1-FM
10x13” (Stainless Steel)
Car Panel Mount
Part # L1-COP
Add a Top of Car, Bottom of Car, or Machine
Room to any L1 phone
Machine Room / Over 60ft of Rise Phone
Part # L1-MR
Top of Car or Bottom of Car Phone
Part # L1-VAS