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Code Requirements for all Elevators

A17.1b 2009 and 2010 codes
  • The button must be labeled “HELP” (2009 code) or with the "Phone Symbol" (2010 and 2013 codes) with braille adjacent or on the button. (See Signs)
  • Call acknowledgment signal, (LED light )must be activated by authorized personnel before 2 way conversation begins. (See Elevator Phones)
  • Location must be provided on demand. Includes location & elevator number. (See Elevator Phone Monitoring)
  • Handsets are not allowed
  • Call can NOT go to an “automated answering system” Must be a live operator! (See Elevator Phone Monitoring)
  • Call can not be canceled from inside car after the call is established. (See Elevator Phones)
  • Operating instructions (See Signs) must be located on or adjacent to the HELP button
  • 4 HRS of back-up battery is needed if connected to building power.

Additional requirements for “Over 60 ft of Rise/ High Rise Communications

  • Needs a means to call into all elevators from inside the building. The call must over-ride any or all ongoing calls. (See high rise)
  • The phone inside the elevator (See Elevator Phones) must answer without delay and the LED Call acknowledgment light must be activated on elevator phone inside cab.

Elevator Communications Failure

Required on A17.1 2009b and higher codes
  • There must be a means that tests phone line at least once every 24 hrs. (See Line Verifiers)
  • There must be a means to verify operability of the phone line. Relying on voltage alone is no sufficient. (See Line Verifiers)
  • Visual and audio signal shall be located in the vicinity of Fire Recall switch. (See Line Verifiers)
  • Audio must sound every 30 seconds, & can be silenced . Visual alert must illuminate intermittently, can not be disabled! (See Line Verifiers)
  • To perform test the mechanic must test the telephone line INSIDE THE CAR. (NOT FROM CONTROL ROOM!)
  • * For information on A17.1 1996, 2000, 2003,2004, 2007 requirements please email
  • ** For matching instruction signs to your existing phone please email (We have the correct, easy to read sign for any make or model elevator phone)
  • *** For additional ADA and international requirements, please email
All inspectors and elevator mechanics should download our Elevator Phone Reference Guide